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In a world of high-octane stunts, Lao Luo, a once-renowned stuntman, shares an extraordinary bond with Red Hare, a horse he rescued from the brink of euthanasia. However, life has taken a dark turn for Lao Luo. Eight years ago, a devastating injury left him bankrupt, and he lost custody of his beloved daughter, Xiao Bao, after divorcing his late wife when she was just a child.

Amidst his struggles, Lao Luo faces relentless debt collectors who threaten to auction off Red Hare after their former company went under. In a desperate bid for help, he turns to his daughter, Bao, now a promising law student, who reluctantly engages her boyfriend, Naihua, to provide legal assistance.

Unexpectedly, Lao Luo’s fight with the debt collectors goes viral, opening doors for him and Red Hare in the film industry. Bao becomes his determined agent ad litem, orchestrating new opportunities. However, the thrill of stunt work also worries Bao, fearing for her father’s safety.

The tension escalates when Lao Luo embarrasses Bao in front of Naihua’s parents, leading to a painful estrangement. Tragedy strikes when Lao Luo and Red Hare suffer severe injuries during a stunt, landing Lao in the hospital. While searching for his identification, Bao stumbles upon CCTV footage of their past failed meeting, awakening her buried emotions.

Overwhelmed by the depth of her father’s love, Bao reconciles with him, and Lao Luo pledges to abandon his dangerous profession. But fate has other plans as debt collectors attempt to steal Red Hare in the dead of night. Lao Luo pays his debt and surprisingly extends an offer to Dami Ge, the leader of the debt collectors, to become his disciple.

As the days go by, Lao Luo receives a tempting offer from Yuanjie, his apprentice, to feature in a film that pays tribute to stunt work. Despite Bao’s concern, Lao Luo accepts the job as his last hurrah. During the filming, he insists on performing a perilous stunt but hesitates upon recalling Bao’s words, eventually giving up the act. This decision leads to a heartwarming reunion with his daughter.

Unfortunately, the legal battle for Red Hare does not end in Lao’s favor, and he is forced to sell the horse to a company. In a race against time, Bao and Naihua convince the CEO of the company, He Xin, to reconsider. They present evidence of Lao Luo’s unwavering dedication to his work, and how Red Hare had even attempted to starve itself while under the company’s ownership.

Moved by the display of love and dedication, He Xin returns Red Hare to Lao Luo, demonstrating a newfound understanding and compassion. The trio, Lao Luo, Bao, and Naihua, rejoice as they reunite with Red Hare, a symbol of the unwavering bond between a father and his daughter in a world filled with action and emotion.